Security Project

Record Details



  1. Lead A Normal Life -:-- / 4:04
  2. I Don’t Remember -:-- / 4:13
  3. San Jacinto -:-- / 8:15
  4. Intruder -:-- / 4:17
  5. Rhythm of the Heat -:-- / 4:56
  6. Mother Stands For Comfort -:-- / 3:37
  7. No Self Control -:-- / 4:14
  8. Family Snapshot -:-- / 4:40
  9. I Have the Touch -:-- / 4:39
  10. Games without Frontiers/Of These, Hope -:-- / 3:28
  11. Lay Your Hands on Me -:-- / 5:54

Expect the Unexpected” from the Security Project as they bring the timeless masterpieces of Peter Gabriel into the 21st Century.

Featuring Jerry Marotta, the drummer from Gabriel’s classic line-up (1977-1986), plus Trey Gunn from King Crimson, on a 10-string touch guitar. The recent addition of Happy Rhodes, with her 4-octave vocal range, fulfills the band’s promise of re-envisioning the music of Peter Gabriel. Rounding out the band from Shriekback and Sky Cries Mary is Michael Cozzi on guitar and co-founder of Gig Performer and computer scientist David Jameson on keyboards and Eigenharp.

The band’s latest album CONTACT is their first full length live album to feature Happy on vocals. In addition to 10 songs from the classic Peter Gabriel era, CONTACT also includes a stirring cover of Kate Bush’s “Mother Stands For Comfort” showcasing Happy’s vocal talents.

Leave your expectations at the door and be prepared to hear Peter Gabriel’s genre-less music like you’ve never heard it performed before.

Happy Rhodes – Lead Voice
Jerry Marotta – Drums, Vocals
Trey Gunn – Touch Guitar, Vocals
David Jameson – Keyboards, Eigenharp
Michael Cozzi – Guitar, Vocals

Recorded by Robert Frazza during the band’s recent USA and Japanese tours
Mixed & Mastered by Michael Cozzi at Moscozzi Studios, Seattle
All songs by Peter Gabriel published by EMI Blackwood Music Inc OBO Real World Music LTD
Except track 6 by Kate Bush published by Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc