Security Project

Security Project performing the music of Peter Gabriel and Genesis

The Security Project was formed in 2012 by former Peter Gabriel drummer Jerry Marotta and King Crimson alumni Trey Gunn. The intention of the band was to re-envision the music of Peter Gabriel and beyond such as Genesis and later Kate Bush with the addition of vocalist Happy Rhodes.  The band steers clear of the “tribute” or “cover band” labels by reconstructing these classic songs with an updated, fresh take on the music.

In addition to Jerry on drums, Trey on touch guitar, and Happy on vocals, the current band also features Michael Cozzi on guitar and David Jameson on keyboards. Seattle resident by way of England, Michael was formerly a guitarist for Shriekback and Sky Cries Mary. While David cut his teeth as a computer scientist and founder of Gig Performer. In addition to his array of keyboards, David also plays the bands most unique instrument, the Eigenharp.

The band has released three full length live albums as well as a 5 song EP. In anticipation of their upcoming tour in the Spring of 2018, they released a single for “Here Comes the Flood”.

For more information on the Security Project check out their website or social media pages.
Facebook: @SecurProjectBand
Instagram: @securityprojectband
Twitter: @securityprjct

Photo courtesy of Jerry LoFaro