Jerry Marotta & Alex Sebastian – “Journeys of a Skeleton”

Journeys of a skeleton is a joint music and charity project by US drummer Jerry Marotta and German songwriter Alex Sebastian. A beacon for tolerance.

About Journeys of a Skeleton

Take off your skin, remove your muscle, loose your organs. Race, religion, political beliefs are all stripped away and it’s hard to tell the difference between anyone when you’re nothing but bones. At the very core, we are all the same but it’s our journey from birth that shapes us and makes us what we are today.

Journeys of a Skeleton is the story of a simple piano piece from Alex Sebastian that represents the “skeleton”. Depending on where this skeleton journeys and who it meets along the way, the final outcome may be several completely different pieces of music that all started from the same structure.

For instance, Alex sends the skeleton to drummer Jerry Marotta who adds a tribal rhythm, or the organs, before sending the piece to a musician in Egypt who adds some muscle. From there the song finds it’s way to a musician in Brazil that adds the skin before sending it off to a musician in Canada for the finishing piece, a little hair on top.

We now have a complete song that might sound very different if Alex had sent the piano piece to a drummer in Japan that added a hip-hop beat and sent it off to a friend in Poland that used the piano & drum parts for an EDM loop.

Journeys of a Skeleton will do just that and share the same simple piece of music, or skeleton, with musicians around the world. The final result will be a collection of songs that spawned from the same skeleton but represent a completely different journey.

Imagine the opportunity lost if we closed off regions and built walls to shut certain people out. The diversity and culture would end up missing from the music. In the end we are all the same but have different contributions to help make this world a better place to live. Let’s erase fear and intolerance to help achieve this goal.