Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta – “Rio De Janeiro”

“Rio De Janeiro” from the album Soul Redemption

Flav Martin – Guitar, Vocals
Jerry Marotta – Drums, Percussion
Tony Levin – Bass
Marc Shulman – Guitar
Thor Jensen – Guitar
Peter Primamore – Keyboards

Written by Flav Martin
Produced by Jerry Marotta
Mixed by Michael Cozzi
Mastered by Chris Athens
Recorded at Dreamland Recording Studio – West Hurley, NY
Recorded at Jersville Studio – Woodstock, NY

Video filmed at Jupiter Hall in Albany, NY on May 29, 2018.  Audio from the Soul Redemption album.

Video features:
Flav Martin – Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Jerry Marotta – Drums, Backing Vocal
Trey Gunn – Warr Guitar
Michael Cozzi – Guitar, Backing Vocal
Talia Denis – Keyboards

Video produced, directed, edit by Doug Hatley
Cameras, video assistance, editing by A.J. Chippero