Need Some Soul Redemption?

Soul Redemption is Taking the World by Storm

Worldwide, the critics all agree, everybody needs some Soul Redemption. The debut album from Jerry Marotta and Flav Martin has been a surprise hit with fans and reviewers alike. Everyone that gets their hands on a copy is taken by surprise bat the catchy, well crafted songwriting from Flav.

Jerry leaves his mark with his unmistakable world rhythms and top notch production job. Rounding out the album and rhythm section is Tony Levin. The combination of Tony and Jerry’s fluid rhythms take Flav’s must to the next level.

Stand out tracks include “Soul Redemption” (have you seen the video yet?), “Rio De Janiro“, and “Please“. As well as the cover of the Italian pop classic “Coffee Song (Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffè)“.

What Are the Critics Saying?

The sound quality on this album is impeccable. These compositions have a nice warm organic sound that should please folks who appreciate the analog sound of music from the past. And the arrangements for each track are spot on.” – Babysue

All the songs get stuck in your head, have catchy riffs, are meticulously crafted, and are intricately complex, yet somehow, come across as so simple that one cannot help but sing along.” – Malcolm Moore for NewEARS

This album has great vocals and instrumentation as well as it being well written, recorded, produced and performed.” – Oasis Entertainment

Help Spread the Word

Jerry is staying busy promoting the album with radio and podcast interviews (drop us a line if you’d like to interview Jerry). Most recently Jerry was featured on LocalMotion with Rita Ryan and the crew at NewEARS Prog podcast.

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